False Alien Abduction

I went to bed with a feeling that I had lost another 12 precious hours of my life. Then I suddenly woke up. Unfortunately I can’t say exactly for how long I had been asleep, but, probably, for two or three hours. My mind was clear. And there was something else.

Before I could determine anything else, a sudden thought paralyzed me: I was being taken away, I was being abducted by THEM! That thought struck me. What I felt that moment could be compared to the greatest shock, the only difference is that I had all the symptoms of shock at once. My world turned upside down, as did my insides. At that moment I couldn’t explain even to myself why I was so sure that I was being abducted by extraterrestrials, but I had no doubt that my guess was right. I knew it, I simply knew it. And what happened next proved that I wasn’t going mad. When that thought came to my mind, I got a feeling that high-tension current went through my body. It didn’t harm me, but made every cell of my body vibrate. And, the most important thing was that I could not move. Only my eyelids obeyed me. I had never been so scared in my life. All the sensations were more than real, and so my last doubts disappeared.

In my mind I kept asking those creatures to postpone my journey, saying that I wasn’t in the mood, and that everything would be fine the next time. At the same time, I damned myself for my weakness. I understood that such things do not happen every other day. I was lying on one side facing a wall, and so I could not see the rest of the room, although I didn’t hope to see anybody because I decided that they were doing it from their ship, but for all that I was sure that they did hear my thoughts. Meanwhile, it seemed that my mood didn’t bother them as something lifted me up from my bed.

My heart could not have been beating faster. I pleaded them to stop. And they did. As cautiously as they had lifted me up, they put me down. I couldn’t have been happier. I felt that I was born again. A sigh with relief escaped my lungs. But it was too early for champagne.

Not giving me a chance to enjoy my lucky escape, they lifted me up again and carried me to the window. I still could not move, no matter how hard I tried. Then something roused my interest and I almost forgot how frightened I was. I was moving feet first towards the window but I could see that it was closed. So, I became curious about how they were going to drag me outside. Everything was so real that I did hope that they wouldn’t use me for glass breaking. And I knew that they wouldn’t do it. Being the representatives of an advanced kind, they would find the way to spare me from unpleasant experiences and save the windows. When I was near the window I closed my eyes in order to intensify the new sensations and not to break the window (I don’t know or why I decided this would help). But I felt almost nothing, only some imperceptible plane went through my body from toes to head.

I opened my eyes. I was outside, on the level of the third floor just opposite my window. The cloudless sky was studded with stars. I’d never looked at the stars from that position, and it was unforgettable. By that time I had managed to beat my fear, and so what was the point? I decided to make the most of it. I was even glad that the aliens hadn’t listened to me and had dragged me out of bed, because I would never have dared to do it myself.

My fear subsided and I managed to relax, and even complained about the weather, as it was rather cold and I was wearing Adam’s costume. I just managed to reconcile myself with destiny and started to look at the bright side. The next moment, I was already in my room and in my bed.

Only after 1 to 2 years would I start to understand that it was just my first spontaneous lucid dreaming experience, and that it had nothing to do with aliens.

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