Which alternative states are included in the term “lucid dreaming”?

How does lucid dreaming differ from out-of-body travel?

Is the perception of reality different in waking life than in lucid dreaming world?

Does lucid dreaming have applications for day-to-day life?

What skills must be learned before proceeding to practical use of lucid dreaming?

How many types of autonomous lucid dreaming entrance techniques are there?

What is the difference between direct and indirect techniques?

Which techniques are easiest for the majority of practitioners?

Is it worth trusting various devices and programs that promise to be able to help one enter lucid dreaming state? Why or why not?

Should one eat meat when practicing lucid dreaming?


Try to remember if you have experienced lucid dreaming encounters in the past.

If you have encountered lucid dreaming, what type of technique gained entrance; direct, indirect, or conscious dreaming?

If possible, ask some friends and acquaintances about the subject of out-of-body travel or conscious dreaming. Do any of them remember a similar experience? What was it like?

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