What are the three basic applications of lucid dreaming?

Are proven practical lucid dreaming applications accessible to any practitioner?

While in lucid dreaming, is it possible to travel through Africa?

Is it possible to walk on the moon in lucid dreaming?

Is it possible, while in lucid dreaming, to appear at the time of the Earth’s creation?

In lucid dreaming, is it possible to appear in the magical world behind the looking glass?

Which relatives can be met in lucid dreaming?

Is it possible to meet and talk to your favorite actor in lucid dreaming?

Where can one realize any cherished dream?

Can a practitioner appear in the computer game Doom?

Can a musician use lucid dreaming for creative purposes?

Does the practicing lucid dreaming influence a person’s imagination?

What most probably governs lucid dreaming space?

What kind of information is obtainable in lucid dreaming?

While in lucid dreaming, is it possible to find out where the lost key to an apartment is located?

What kind of people can discover where treasure is hidden in lucid dreaming?

Should any information obtained in lucid dreaming be construed as accurate?

Should information obtained in lucid dreaming be verified after waking up, even if it’s already verified in lucid dreaming?

Should obtaining information occur before deepening has been performed?

To obtain information while using the animate objects technique, who should be talked to if the goal is to find out the thoughts of a boss at work?

How might information from an animate object be obtained?

Can an inscription on a wall be used as an inanimate source of information?

Is it possible to use the episode technique to learn where one has lost the key to one’s apartment?

Should a doctor be consulted before trying to cure a disease through lucid dreaming practice?

Are results from influencing physiology in lucid dreaming always 100% guaranteed?

What lucid dreaming techniques might be used to influence the bodies of other people?

Is it possible to obtain information that can be used to influence the body and its functions?

Is it possible to take a well-known painkiller in lucid dreaming and feel its effects on exit?

Is it possible to use autosuggestion in lucid dreaming?

Can athletes use lucid dreaming to develop their skills?

Is it realistic to expect that the soul will exit the body while practicing lucid dreaming?

Is it possible to enter a parallel universe through lucid dreaming?

Should a practitioner hope to develop super-abilities in lucid dreaming?


Meet your favorite singer and travel to your dream house in lucid dreaming.

While in lucid dreaming, find a wise person who is an authority on matters of lucid dreaming and learn from them what entrance techniques will best suit your practice.

Try to perceive heat throughout the entire body by translocation to a sauna or through auto-suggestion.

Learn to move objects by simply staring at them in lucid dreaming, and appreciate the extent to which this skill is reflected in reality.

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