What becomes possible with the ability to translocate in lucid dreaming?

What becomes possible with the ability to find objects in lucid dreaming?

What do translocation and finding objects techniques have in common?

What is the sole limitation on the possibilities offered by translocation and finding objects?

How may one translocate across very short distances?

When may the technique of flight by jumping out of a window be attempted?

What should be done if translocation and object finding techniques do not yield the required result?

Is it possible to find a person from real life using the technique of finding objects?

Does the stability of space decrease in a deep lucid dreaming?

What are the fundamental components of space and object stability?

How large is the role of auditory perception in the stability of space?

What is most important while using a teleportation technique?

What does speed of movement depend on during teleportation?

Should a novice apply the technique of teleportation with open eyes?

What technique might the translocation with closed eyes technique turn into?

Should large or small details be scrutinized while translocating by concentration on remote objects?

Is the technique of translocation during separation applied after separation or while beginning to separate?

When applying the technique of translocation through a door: is it better if the door is open or closed?

Why might translocation by passing through a wall fail?

When using translocation by diving, is it important to be in a place where there is something to stand on?

While applying the technique of rotation, should rotation be imagined or real?

Is it possible to use a translocation technique to attempt finding objects?

When using the technique of calling by name, what should be done if the name of a desired person in lucid dreaming is unknown?

While looking for an object using the method of inquiry, is it important to specify that the object needs to be found “quickly”?

How far back must a turn occur when the technique of finding objects by turning is being used?

Would the corner of a fence be suitable for applying the technique of finding objects around the corner?

Is it necessary to shut the eyes while using the transmutation technique?


Dedicate the next three lucid dreams to experiments with translocation techniques, using all of them and traveling wherever you want.

After experiencing three lucid dreams dedicated to translocation, select the techniques that work best for you.

During the next lucid dreaming, travel to the Eiffel Tower, to the Moon, and to the homes of some of your relatives.

Dedicate the next three lucid dreams to experiments with the full range of techniques for finding objects, including translocation techniques.

After three lucid dreams dedicated to finding objects, select the techniques that you are most comfortable with.

In the next lucid dreaming that you experience, find your mother, and then at the same location locate this textbook, a red globe, and a green rose.

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