Are techniques based on breathing be considered non-autonomous methods of entering lucid dreaming?

Which non-autonomous and non-chemical means allow lucid dreaming entrance after the first attempts?

Why is it still not possible to create a device that causes lucid dreaming entry?

Are cueing technologies beneficial to overcoming difficulties with conscious awakening?

What happens if a practitioner uses cueing technologies for seven days in a row?

Can cueing technologies make use of light signals?

Can feasting on peanuts before sleep help the process of lucid dreaming entry?

Will putting a tight rubber band around an ankle promote lucid dreaming entry?

While working in a pair, are both practitioners required to enter lucid dreaming?

Can the helper be compared to a cueing device while working in a pair?

When should the helper give the signal that the active practitioner is dreaming?

Would a hypnotist making suggestions about entering lucid dreaming be helpful to every practitioner?

Why do lucid dreaming-inducing technologies sometimes work, even though these are based on flawed theories?

What is absent in a lucid dream induced by chemical substances?

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