Which techniques should be mastered before proceeding to direct techniques?

Should results from the use of direct techniques be expected after several days or a week?

Is it better to practice direct techniques during the day or in the evening?

Is it correct to perform three direct attempts per day?

Which body position should be assumed when suffering from insomnia?

Which body position should be used by a person who falls asleep quickly?

How much time should be spent on a single direct attempt?

When can direct attempts be made for a longer period of time than usual?

What is the best way for an inexperienced practitioner to relax?

Can direct techniques substitute relaxation techniques?

Can relaxation techniques substitute direct techniques?

How many variations for performing direct techniques are there?

In what case is the variation of sequencing with direct techniques employed?

Which technique may not be used for direct entrance to lucid dreaming with the goal of creating a free-floating state of mind?

What happens to consciousness while in a free-floating state during direct techniques?

Should awakening be attempted if falling asleep occurred while using direct techniques?

What is the probability of entering lucid dreaming without a free-floating state of consciousness?

What do unsuccessful attempts using direct techniques most often end in?

Is sexual activity before an evening attempt using a direct technique beneficial?


When performing direct techniques, try to achieve no less than three lapses in consciousness before 20 minutes elapse, or before you fall asleep. Repeat this challenge until lucid dreaming entrance is achieved.

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