Why are indirect techniques the easiest?

Why will one technique work for some people and not for others?

How many attempts are necessary in order to enter lucid dreaming?

When observing images, should a picture be conjured?

How is phantom wiggling different from imagined movement?

Where does sound come from while listening in?

How is forced listening in different from normal listening in?

When employing the technique of rotation, should one try to rotate or simply imagine the rotation?

What is physically strained when using the technique of straining the brain?

How is straining the brain different from straining the body without using muscles?

Should a practitioner fall asleep when using the forced falling asleep technique?

According to statistics from classes held at the School of Out-of-Body Travel, which indirect techniques are the most effective?

Why should one practice all of the primary techniques in a relaxed state?

What helps practitioners to enter lucid dreaming one-third of the time while using indirect techniques?

Is levitation the most popular separation technique?

What is the essential difference between indirect techniques and separation techniques?

How does the separation technique of rolling out differ from the indirect technique of rotation?

Is it necessary to imagine anything while trying to separate?

When is the best time to use indirect techniques?

Can techniques that are traditionally used upon awakening be attempted during the day? How effective are these techniques during the day?

Is becoming consciousness while dreaming the same as conscious awakening?

When employing indirect techniques, does an inability to awaken without moving have an effect on one’s practice?

What are the components of the algorithm of cycling indirect techniques?

What first step must be taken while cycling through indirect techniques?

How many different techniques should a cycle consist of?

What is the minimum number of cycles that must be practiced?

If a lot of time has passed after awakening, is this good or bad for cycles of indirect techniques?

What must be done if a technique gets stuck at an unsatisfactory level of results?

If the cycles do not work, what should be done?

What are hints from the mind?

In what cases is it necessary to introduce aggressive effort when performing indirect techniques?


Upon awakening, perform a full cycle of indirect techniques, and repeat this exercise until lucid dreaming entrance is achieved.

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