I was sitting on a bench, just thinking and doing nothing, when suddenly a woman showed up and said to me, "Maybe you are dreaming". I was in shock. It struck me like lightning: “Oh my God! I am in lucid dreaming!”

A plan, a plan, I had a plan. What should I do next? Since I’d just finished reading Michael’s book, I knew all about deepening and maintaining, and so I touched everything around me, looked closely at my hands and rubbed them. My vision and other senses got stronger and so I moved on to my plan.

I wanted to try flying, walking, teleporting, diving into the ground and jumping through walls. First of all, I tried flying. I jumped up as high as I could and then floated down. I jumped again and started flying. I felt the wind and the sun. I could see far into the distance. When my vision got blurry, I decided to teleport into my room and do some maintaining and deepening.

In my room I found that same woman, and she told me: “try going through walls”. I touched the wall and was a little bit afraid. After forgetting my fear I started running towards another wall and jumped through it. The feeling was amazing. The woman advised me again: “Try diving into the ground, but don‘t forget to imagine where you want to end up“. I walked into the middle of my room and started falling down. I closed my eyes and imagined a beautiful rice field. It felt like I was falling forever, and then – BOOM! I was falling down from a very far height. I was falling towards a huge table full of delicious dishes which had rice as the main ingredient. I started laughing and thought: “Wow, my subconscious played a hell of a joke on me”. That’s when I woke up (M.R.: no maintaining and no re-entering).

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