The alarm clock on my phone broke (don’t ask how that happened), so lately I’ve been trying to wake up after 6 hours of sleep without any kind of device to help me. And I succeeded today. I woke up, went to the bathroom and went back to sleep. The thought of conscious awakening was going through my head as I drifted into a dream. I managed to exit that dream, and so I woke up without moving (M.R.: no separation). And then I had to face my biggest difficulty – loud noises (my family was up very early preparing to go to work and they were shouting for no good reason). I decided not to let this chance slip away and performed observing images. It worked immediately and there was no need to perform separation technique. I ended up in lucid dreaming.

After successfully entering lucid dreaming, I immediately performed deepening. I also performed mainitaing throughout lucid dreaming. My plan was to try shapeshifting and turn into a wolf. I tried imagining myself becoming one and started running on my hands and legs like a dog, but I failed, and so I tried again. After a few unsuccessful tries, I started hearing loud noises and thought that it was my parents, so I had to do something. I performed deepening, but to no end… I lost control and woke up. I tried to re-enter, but failed.

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