My break from lucid dreaming was still on, so I decided not to try indirect techniques. I found myself awake after about 6 hours of sleep but without using an alarm, although I ignored this and went to sleep again. Then, I had a conscious awakening and it already felt like I was in lucid dreaming. Indeed, a very strange feeling. I thought, "Well, I should try using a separation technique". And I did. It worked and I separated.

I was standing in my room, but my body was not in bed, so I started doubting if I was really in lucid dreaming, even though separation had felt very real. I immediately pinched my nose and I could breathe in through it. I rubbed my hands and touched everything around me. Once I felt that my lucid dreaming had good quality, I started acting as planned. In the end, it was very nice lucid dreaming experience , but I had forgotten to do maintaining and woke up after about 10 minutes.

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