I was on my one-and-a-half week dry spell and I was not trying to get into lucid dreaming. But I broke my dry spell by becoming conscious within a dream. Once I understood that I was in lucid dreaming, I immediately tried to do deepening, but I failed and got thrown back into my body. Refusing to surrender, I somehow managed to reenter my lucid dreaming – YAY! So, after successfully reentering my lucid dreaming, I performed deepening and throughout all of lucid dreaming I did maintaining.

My plan was to talk with my subconscious and ask for my talents and a quick way to earn money. After summoning my dream character to talk with me, I started the conversation. It was a very strange conversation, because she kept asking non-related things which I can’t remember. After finally asking the question I had wanted to ask, she answered, "Eating". She said this and nothing more after that. That’s when my lucid dreaming ended (M.R.: no maintaining and re-entering), after about 10 minutes of being in it.

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