You need to decide upon the event venue and admission price before you start enrolling students. The cost of attending a three-day seminar should average from 5 to 20% the median monthly income in the community. You need to calculate it so that you will still break even if attendance is minimal (location rental + advertising). The admission price for a well-organized event can reach up to a third of the median monthly income and students can number up to several dozen, which means that you can buy a new car or live for a year off of the proceeds from a single seminar. This should provide ample incentive to spread awareness of out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams.

Meanwhile, you’ll need to create a website for the event or simply put up a page on free hosting servers or social networks. You’ll definitely need to put up a description of the seminar on the Internet where people can learn more information or randomly stumble upon it.

As soon as you’ve put up the website and determined the venue and admission price, you can go ahead with recruiting students using some of the simplest methods out there:

– Tell all your friends about the seminar you’re holding (free)

– Put up ads on local websites and forums (free and paid)

– Send out invites via social networks and e-mail (free)

– Run contextual ads on the Internet (paid)

– Put up ads at centers and stores that focus on related topics (paid)

– Paste fliers on lampposts and designated outdoor places (free and paid)

– Take out paid ads in local media (paid)

– Make a deal with people or organizations who have a database of customers from a suitable industry (free and paid)

– Hand out fliers at events with a similar subject matter, like self-actualization seminars (free and paid)

– Ads on local TV (paid)

– Talk to the editors of local newspapers and TV shows and offer them the chance to write or talk about the event and the phenomenon (free)

– Send out press releases about the event to local media and news agencies (free and paid)

The ads should contain the event venue, date, and time, as well as contact information. It’s also preferable to include the internet address (URL) of the website where people can find out more. In order to grab attention, a large part of the ad should feature easily recognizable concepts that are related to the topic in one way or another and will attract an audience to the seminar, e.g. OUT-OF-BODY TRAVEL, LUCID DREAMING, ASTRAL PROJECTION, etc. If space allows, you can briefly list the practical applications of the phenomenon: obtaining information, self-healing, meeting the deceased, travel, creative development, etc. However, the ads should not be too saturated with information or contain lots of text.

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