With relatives: Since relatives cannot always see each other, there is the remarkable possibility to meet each other and talk in lucid dreaming. Of course, this does not entail mutual presence. It is enough for one person to possess the required desire – the second person may never even know. Realizing the desire to contact a close relative and exchange information is a treasure.

With acquaintances: Circumstances often prevent seeing people who are important. This is an opportunity to realize a desire and finally meet that certain person again.

With the dead: Regardless of the nature of lucid dreaming phenomenon, nothing else yields the possibility to see, talk to, and embrace a deceased loved one. These are vivid, personal experiences, accessible to everyone, and achieving these encounters does not require major difficulty. Courage is the only necessity. From a technique-related point of view, a stable lucid dreaming and application of the finding objects technique sets the stage for what at first may seem impossible. It should be noted that when a deceased person is encountered in lucid dreaming, the distortions caused by the object finding technique may lead to some very undesirable occurrences.

With celebrities: Through the use of object finding techniques, a practitioner has the opportunity to meet any famous person. This could be a historical persona, a contemporary politician, or an artist. In lucid dreaming state, they are all accessible for any type of interaction. For example, a practitioner could meet Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, Napoleon, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and a great many others.

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