Dodd StolworthyVentura, USA

I set my alarm to go off in 6 hours, but I woke up to vibrations after 5 hours of sleep (M.R.: no separation). Straining the brain worked really well and the vibes got stronger and stronger (M.R.: no separation). While they were getting stronger, I told myself that if I heard any kids coming in the room or felt the bed shake, that it was fake! This is because I’ve been fooled too many times.

My body started getting loose and floaty and before I knew it, I was just out! Didn’t have to separate!

My neck has been messed up since April and the last couple weeks I’ve made it my goal to do something about it in lucid dreaming (I got the idea from the thread "Healing in lucid dreaming" by Jeff on the forum). I wanted to try some kind of manual stimulation, but I did not see my body on the bed. Instead, I noticed my sister-in-law was sleeping with my wife in my bed.

I wanted to accomplish my goal before I fouled. Since I didn’t see my body, I recalled Michael talking about taking pills. I was a little worried about taking random pills, so I did a reality check first and then went for it.

When I woke up I noticed weird tingling, vibrations in my neck and I feel pretty good today!! I’d say a 20% improvement! AWESOME!

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