Dodd StolworthyVentura, USA

I was waking up and felt a strange feeling in my hands and feet. I also noticed I was sleeping in the baby’s bed but, like most dreams, did not think anything of it. Meanwhile, I felt the presence of someone standing by my bed. It was a strange feeling and the presence that made me question lucidity, so I stuck my hand through the wall, and BAM! I was now lucid.

So I grabbed my 7 year old son, put him on my shoulders and told him we were going flying. I jumped up but nothing. So I decided to walk through the wall. As I did so, everything went black and I knew I was losing lucid dreaming. I rubbed my hands together and waited patiently for lucid dreaming to return. To my surprise, it did! I’ve been able to recover lucid dreams before, but none after losing them as long as I had here. So this time I decided to not do anything until I was able to make lucid dreaming more stable. I rubbed my hands some more and everything became so vivid! I still had my son on my shoulders, and decided to just jump through the wall and I gently floated down to the street – man, what a rush! I then took another huge leap and slowly floated down again (M.R.: no plan of action). Everything faded and I did not feel any hands that I could rub together, and so it ended (M.R.: no maintaining).

I’ve heard of people lying still after lucid dreams and being able to re-enter lucid dreaming, but I was not able to do it.

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