Dmitry Plotnik

Moscow, Russia

Returning from a night out, we wandered into a shop called "The Magic Stone". We bought a druse piece (small crystals encrusted on the surface of a rock or mineral, in our case, amethysts). According to my girlfriend, the rock helps one to "tune in to one’s dreams". To that end, one simply needed to put the piece on the headstand of one’s bed, and just go to sleep. That’s just what we did. We had to get up really early the next morning (at about 5 am) in order to make it for an excursion. As it were, we didn’t have time to waste, but I nevertheless made an attempt to "tune in" to my dreams. I feel asleep at some point, but continued on to dream that I was lying on the bed and trying to tune-in for an exit from the body. At that very moment, I felt a light tingling in my back, a kind of life energy. I even tried to facilitate the sensation, thinking, "great, it’s coming, so act!". It intensified, and now felt like waves going up and down my spine (M.R.: no separation). A characteristic sensation, long forgotten, went through my body. The sensation could not be considered pleasurable in any way, and that’s when I thought to myself, "now I remember why I had stopped intentionally trying to enter lucid dreaming." However, it was already too late to turn back. At some moment I was lifted up, barely having time to look back at the couch.

I soon found myself in a spacious room (M.R.: no deepening). It was so large that the only thing that I could see clearly was the wall next to me. There were also some people in the room. They all wanted something from me and kept coming up to me with stupid pretexts. I kept telling them to "buzz off", and tried to drive them away. I had only one thought in my head: "I’ve got to find my girlfriend". I tried as hard as I could to remember where we had fallen asleep, but my memory kept failing me. Different characters constantly distracted me the whole time, one of them was especially persistent. At one point, he even insisted that I help him to open his bottle of wine with a corkscrew. I decided to help him, and once I had opened the bottle, I thought: "Why not? I’ve never tried out wine in lucid dreaming," and put the bottle right to my lips. The wine tasted really funny, more like watered-down blackberry jam with pieces of fruit floating around. The unfinished bottle somehow was no longer in my hands, and I continued trying to get out of that room.

The only thing I could find to deepen with was the wall of a strange construction made of wooden planks. It was whitewashed with what seemed to be an oil-based paint (more than anything else, it reminded me of an outhouse). I was about to poke my head in when an assertive type warned that, "… it’s a portal from which uninvited guests are able to crash in…" Not eager myself to climb in there, I contented myself with taking off a small dark mirror from the outer wall. I played around a bit with my reflection (which did not always want to follow when I moved my head), but those characters milling about stuck to me like glue. I then decided to have some fun, and began looking into the mirror together with those companions, in pair with one at a time. However, their reflection was quite different from their outward appearance. I got quickly bored with this game, and told everybody to go away again.

I finally decided to get out of that building, concentrating on where the place at which we were sleeping might be. I abruptly opened a door, but was disappointed. There was an unfamiliar outdoor scene on the other side. It seemed to be just before dawn outside, the darkest hour. Single cars went down the street. I began to peer at the cars parked at the curb. They had quite a funny-looking appearance. Suddenly, a car swerved off the street and towards me. It drove up to me, and I could see an interesting-looking woman sitting behind the wheel. She was wearing mostly green. We talked, and I couldn’t get past the idea that she was speaking "bookishly", as if quoting the lines from a character in 19th century literature. I told her, "Now you’re saying all that and so on…" She looked at me, and I noticed her strange eyes. She had green ladybugs instead of ordinary pupils. I realized that I was beginning to return to reality (M.R.: no maintaining).

I woke up (M.R.: no re-entering). I realized that I was lying on my back with my arms at my sides, and holding my girlfriend’s hand in mine. She suddenly woke up too, and began to relate her experience…

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