Dmitry Bolotkov

Moscow, Russia

The following all occurred after I woke up, and then began to doze off again. I lay on my side and was beginning to fall asleep, when I saw some fuzzy images from a previous dream. My body began to fill with heaviness, I practically stopped feeling it. Mild vibrations arose. I immediately remembered about lucid dreaming, and just relaxed… Imagine my surprise when I felt that I was separating. My heartbeat abruptly increased during the process. I separated, and found myself suspended in the air (I still couldn’t see yet). So I started flailing my arms and legs, spinning in the darkness, trying to fly as far away as possible from my body. I came up against something solid (the ceiling, I think). My legs then swung down to the left, and I assumed a vertical position. I started rubbing my hands, trying to see them. My vision gradually came to me.

I finally saw my own hands. They were smaller than in reality, and seemed to have a green hue to them. Then I reviewed the situation: I was in my old apartment, but the furniture was chaotically arranged. I began to palpate and scrutinize everything. My vision was incredibly sharp, much clearer than in reality (I’ve become quite nearsighted over the last two years). Strangely enough, I felt as if my eyes were closed, but that I could nevertheless see. I then was somehow able to turn off my vision. I dove into the floor (M.R.: no plan of action).

I flew down for some time. Then, I stopped and turned my vision back on. I was in outer space, and saw totally strange planets. Because I’m afraid of heights, I turned off my vision again and wished to find myself in another place, one where I’d have something solid to stand on. After a few moments, I felt I was standing on something. I turned my vision back on. I was in the desert. Strange animals were grazing, there were pigeons everywhere, and poker chips scattered all over the sand. For some reason, I figured I was near Las Vegas. I walked around a bit. Once I started looking around, my field of vision began narrowing. As soon as there was nothing but a small peep-hole of vision left, I began rubbing my hands together and looking at them. My vision returned after several seconds. Then, a pigeon ran up to me with the clear intention of biting my leg. I began running away, kicking up sand at the bird (M.R.: wrong action). That’s when it all ended. I found myself back in my body, and opened my eyes (M.R.: no re-entering).

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