Discounts and Free Admission

It’s recommended that one accommodate those who are for one reason or another unable to pay full price for out-of-body travel and lucid-dreaming products and services. These aren’t simply techniques – they’re a path to self-actualization, which is something that cannot go hand-in-hand with "heartless capitalism".

This especially applies when it comes to certain groups of people: high school and university students, people unable to work due to disability, retirees, and repeat customers attending your training sessions over and over again. It’s sensible to offer or agree to give them substantial discounts or take them on free-of-charge. Youth and the otherwise able-bodied who would like discounts or free training might be offered the chance to work off their tuition. They might be tasked with putting up fliers or promoting the event online. People will usually happily agree to such an arrangement if they have no other way of paying.

You might also waive the admission fee for anyone who brings two or more "payers" along with him. That way he’ll get what he wants and you’ll come out ahead.

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