Choosing to act on any of the information presented in this book upon reading it is up to the personal discretion of the reader. As the author is unable to personally supervise everyone’s implementation of the methodologies discussed herein, he bears no responsibility for how successfully they are adhered to. This especially applies for those operating outside of the School of Out-of-Body Travel. If view of the foregoing, all liability for any adverse situations (including legal and financial ones) lies solely with the instructor and/or organizer implementing the educational methods and modes laid out in this book. No conflicts are to be brought forward to the author, as being fully independent means being fully responsible.

If a minor wishes to attend a training session, it’s preferable to obtain the written permission of both his parents. This avoids serious problems if one of them turns out to have an objection. Without knowing much about the phenomenon, many immediately and stubbornly associate it with fraudsters and cult leaders. This is something to be always ready for.

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