Direct influence

Actions. Direct influence on the organism while in lucid dreaming is attributed to the effect of the body reacting at all levels to the impact of lucid dreaming experiences, as was described in the section regarding the technique of taking medicines. That is, when something is done to the organism while in lucid dreaming, the effect is immediately felt there, and, at the same time, there is a real effect on the body in the physical world, just as if everything were happening in real life. The main difference with techniques for direct influence is that the problem is approached not through an intermediary (medicine), but is instead tackled directly. This is essentially a more thorough method, but also a more difficult one.

In practice, it works like this: a person goes into lucid dreaming state and begins to directly influence the sick organ or organism using all means at his disposal – both those that exist in the physical world and those that do not. Moreover, he can influence the body simply at the level of perception, without external contact. The very perception of direct influence is the key factor here. Without it, there’s no real point to applying the technique – nota bene.

There are many options for directly influencing the organism as a whole or influencing its individual parts: heating, cooling, releasing energy, numbing, massaging, administering injections, smearing ointments, radiation treatment – in general, everything that is possible or impossible in real life. This process requires both taking the initiative and a creative approach.

One may influence either the entire organism as a whole, or any separate part of it while in lucid dreaming. For example, one can easily warm up the entire body, heat up only the brain, or even massage it, as incredible as that may sound. Though this may strike some as unbelievably strange, one may actually put one’s hand through the body while in lucid dreaming, feel any organ, and influence or affect it as necessary. Doing this feels so realistic that people are often long unable to bring themselves to attempt it, if only out of the fright that strikes them when they feel their own hand passing through their own body and touching their internal organs. For example, if a person wants to have an affect on the liver, he will be able not only to hold it with his left hand, but also to directly feel the liver itself, as well as the sensation of holding it. This may be particularly frightening when acting on the heart or the brain. lucid dreaming is the only place where one may do all this. And this is truly more than just an incredible experience that leaves an emotional impression lasting one’s entire life. Significantly, one can affect not only a disease, but also its symptoms. By alleviating and eliminating symptoms, one will likewise influence their source. This is especially important when the source of the symptoms themselves is not well understood.

Of course, as with most other techniques for influencing the body while in lucid dreaming, a single direct treatment is often not enough. As a rule, the procedure should be performed several times by entering lucid dreaming for several days in a row, or even implementing a treatment regime. Either way, all this depends on a practitioner’s level of skill in employing the technique. It goes without saying that an experienced practitioner need perform far fewer procedures than a novice.

Therapeutic indications. Directly influencing the organism is easiest when it comes to a problem whose localization is known. It is very difficult to directly influence an imperceptible illness of an unknown nature that exhibits few symptoms.

Example. The example of an injured leg will now be taken up again. The practitioner enters a deep lucid dreaming and immediately begins manipulating the leg in every way possible. First, he concentrates on his leg not hurting and being already healed, and tries to circulate internally-generated therapeutic heat and vibrations about it. The healing effect must be felt immediately. If there is time left, the practitioner uses the technique for finding objects to summon a syringe loaded with painkillers and fast-acting bruise-treating medication. He injects the entire does into his leg, trying to immediately feel the effect of the preparation. This comes easily: the practitioner feels numbness and pleasant sensations emanating from the shot. If possible, he finally rubs in a specially created ointment onto his leg, further accelerating the healing process. When the practitioner returns from lucid dreaming, he is likely to immediately feel that his leg hurts a lot less, and that it will soon begin to recover. Nevertheless it’s best to perform the same procedure several times.

Another example: kidney stones. The practitioner enters into a deep lucid dreaming, and for several minutes tries to "blast" the kidneys with warm vibrations that dissolve the stones. To do this, he first tries to simply feel his kidneys, and then invokes the necessary processes in them by force of a strong desire to do so. Afterwards, he slips his hands into his abdomen, holds one kidney in each hand, and starts massaging them in such a way as to dissolve the stones in them. Then, he carefully slips his fingers into his kidneys, and uses them to rub the stones into a harmless powder. For maximum effect, the practitioner should carry out this procedure regularly and consistently on this problem, as it is not one that is quickly resolved.

Effectiveness. In most cases, the technique of direct influence is a very effective means of treatment. This is especially true when the problem is palpable and obvious. Effectiveness can reach 60 to 80 percent even for a novice, to say nothing of what more experienced practitioners can achieve.

Difficulties. Directly influencing the organism while in lucid dreaming involves no substantial difficulties. It is only necessary to feel the effect of such influence, which is easy to do when desire is strong enough, even without prior training. There remains the minor problem of fear arising when hands are inserted into the body, a phobia that tends to be difficult to overcome. However, the fear often becomes surmountable when one’s goal is serious enough. Sometimes curiosity alone is not enough to bring oneself to hazard the venture.

Accessibility. Directly influencing an illness or health problem is sufficiently easy in lucid dreaming, in addition to being quite effective. Therefore, even beginners are encouraged to use this technique from their very first attempts and never forget about it, even after having mastered other techniques for healing themselves while in lucid dreaming states. This technique is one of the fundamentals.

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