It may have seemed funny to you to compare such a powerful practice to weight lifting, but sport has more in common with it than first meets the eye. Here’s another example: in soccer, the best forward will demonstrate two important qualities more than any other: wanting to score, and setting his sights on the goal. When you make attempts to exit the body, your actions should be very similar in approach.

What I have in mind, friend, are situations when you can’t just rest on your laurels, but have to keep pushing on further and harder. You need to realize that success lies in your hands, and not in what somebody else does for you. You need to firmly channel all of your efforts, aiming them only at a single goal – the astral plane!

This means that you should use each and every favorable opportunity when practicing, taking advantage of it to achieve more and more success. For example, if something suddenly starts to work when performing indirect techniques, you should pursue it through to the end, trying to seize every chance you get. The above seems obvious enough, but many nevertheless stop at the critical moment and try to watch what happens next, or switch to another technique, not seizing the opportunity at hand. You should never allow this to happen. You can’t just bounce back and forth. You have to march straight ahead.

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