The deepening techniques used by an advanced practitioner essentially differ little from those used at the basic level. However, there are two fundamental differences in the way these techniques are performed. First, an experienced lucid dreamingr will prefer to perform deepening at the same time he begins to implement his plan of action. That is to say, he doesn’t do as a novice does: separate, deepen, and then implement the plan of action. Instead, he separates and immediately implements his plan of action, in parallel to intensifying the realness of his sensations. This has beneficial effect on the quality of the deepening, and it simply saves time for other things in lucid dreaming.

Second, advanced practitioners and novices differ in their intent to deepen and how it they realize it. If, when performing a deepening technique, a novice will often expect results from the simple fact of mechanically performing some action, then an advanced lucid dreamingr will perform deepening techniques with the focused aim and desire of obtaining a hyperrealistic lucid dreaming, as if being pulled towards it by the techniques themselves, all while recalling the sensations of previous experiences. The techniques merely serve to help him better express his intention.

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