Day 3: Influencing the Physiology

Sunday, 5:10pm Self-healing is a topic that affects everyone in one way or another. That’s why influencing the physiology using out-of-body experience must be covered separately and in-depth at the seminar. To put it briefly, the theoretical explanation of the ability to affect the body from within out-of-body experience lies in the fact that the body reacts to many stimuli experienced in out-of-body experience as if they were real. You should point out that nearly all forms of self-healing have yet to undergo experimental research. Self-healing in out-of-body experience may therefore only be employed as a supplementary measure (especially when it comes to serious cases), even though it may bring quick and clear results in many cases.

Obtaining Information The methods for obtaining information discussed on Saturday are also applicable to self-healing. All you need to do is focus your efforts in out-of-body experience on diagnosing the health concern and finding ways to treat it both in real life and in out-of-body experience. For example, you might ask a doctor in out-of-body experience how to treat one ailment or another.

Seeing a Doctor If a practitioner doesn’t know how he can help himself using out-of-body experience, he might find a doctor or healer there and ask the latter to help him solve his problem right then and there. The doctor might start giving a massage or administering an injection. He may even perform an operation.

Taking Medicine In out-of-body experience, you can take either existing medicines or specially-created remedies with special properties. Meanwhile, what’s most important is not merely taking the medicines or remedies, but rather feeling the required effect right then and there. Doing will have aftereffects in real life.

Auto-Suggestion A person in out-of-body experience is in the most radically altered state of consciousness that can be achieved while still retaining conscious awareness. That’s why all forms of auto-suggestion and self-hypnosis have a greater influence and effect in out-of-body experience.

Psychology This application of phase states has already been recognized by science. out-of-body experience space can be used as a place to face one’s fears and thereby get over real-life phobias. It can also be used as a way to the re-experience negative events of the past with a more accepting attitude, which can remedy a number of physical and psychological complaints.

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