Day 1: Introduction and Motivation

Friday, 6:40pm While people trickle in, the teacher can ask each attendee whether or not he has had any experiences, and if so, what kind.

Friday, 7:10pm At the beginning, it’s necessary to get better acquainted with the attendees, briefly describe the seminar subject and format, and then get the audience pumped up to apply the techniques.

Introduction Say a little something about yourself and your accomplishments, why you decided to be an instructor on the topic, and what role it has had in your life.

Topic: out-of-body experience State Phenomenon Start off with how the phenomenon is a normal occurrence. To illustrate this, ask the audience to, "Raise your hand if you’ve ever had an out-of-body experience." Also ask them to raise their hands if they’ve experienced becoming conscious while dreaming. Then, do the same for sleep paralysis and false awakenings. A least a third of the attendees will raise their hands, which goes to prove how widespread these kinds of things are. After this survey, tell people that what you’ll be talking about is how to control the one and only phenomenon behind all those you just asked about, i.e. out-of-body experience or phase state (the instructor may choose his own terminology), which is an umbrella term for all phenomena in which people do not have sensory awareness of their physical bodies but meanwhile remain conscious. Meanwhile, the phantom sensations people experience can be even more vivid than those of the physical body: you can see, walk, touch things, and feel pain or any other sensation. Try to give an example from your own experiences or read aloud a passage from the chapter in the book out-of-body experience containing practitioner accounts. Pick a passage that illustrates the intensity and unusualness of sensations in out-of-body experience state.

Seminar Outcomes Explain that the aim of the seminar is for the majority of the group to become able to enter out-of-body experience state within two days, and for all participants to understand how to do so.

Seminar Format Let the attendees know what you’ll be doing on each day. Day 1: The most-simple indirect method, which is employed upon awakening and allows one to obtain an experience within several attempts as soon as day two. Day 2: Joint analysis of attempts and tallying results; additional background on techniques; deepening and maintaining the state; and applying the phenomenon to obtain information. Day 3: Joint analysis of attempts and tallying results; additional background on techniques; direct techniques which are employed without preceding sleep; and applying the phenomenon to influence physiology (self-healing). Students will get real practical experience in the comfort of home between lessons. The lessons only provide training on theoretical concepts, as well as limited practical exercises.

Light a Fire under People to Try the Techniques Let the attendees know that this is the most out-of-the-ordinary phenomenon that they’ll ever master. It’s almost the only ability among a number of "paranormal" ones that is actually attainable in practice. There are a large number of real-life applications for it. Before listing them, ask each member of the audience to choose the application he’s most interested in so that he can try to carry it out as soon as he enters out-of-body experience (i.e. as soon as he leaves his body):

– Briefly obtaining information (by asking objects for it)

– Briefly influencing one’s physiology (by taking a pill in out-of-body experience)

– Traveling across the Earth, the Universe, and time

– Meeting with relatives, the deceased, and celebrities

– Creative development

– Fulfilling desires

– Rehabilitation for the disabled

– An alternative to video games

Don’t forget to reiterate that people should pick something that they personally find interesting for their plans of action in out-of-body experience. This will be their second task. The students’ first task is to find a mirror and look into it as soon as they fall into phase. This is mandatory for everyone. Meanwhile, everyone chooses his own second task.

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