Bistrita, Romania

I set my alarm for 5 am, as I had gone to bed at midnight! The alarm went off, I silenced and got out of bed at 5:10 am, went to the kitchen, ate something, smoked a cigarette, and then got back to bed with intention.

So, I do not know how I got into lucid dreaming again, I think I just woke up into it.

I remember very well being in a strange room again, and my vision was blurry. I remember the place as being very colorful. I had shouted aloud, “I need clear vision”, and then repeated myself. And as I had shouted, I found myself peering at the walls of the room before me. After few seconds, everything was a crystal-clear as the picture from a Bluray disc.

I deepened by punching the walls. This time, like every other time I observed the details of my fist entering into the wall, I felt it so realistically. It was as if the wall was made from rubber. I saw and felt how it moulded tor my fist. The wall even changed color: it went from yellow to bluish. As is typical of me, I had no plan of action. Even when I have a plan of action, I do not recall it very well when in lucid dreaming.

So I found a mirror. I looked at my reflection, everything was normal. Then I closed my eyes and intended to see my muscles as being larger. When I opened my eyes, my chest seemed pretty big, but it looked like it was the chest of a 70 year old. I thought, “what the heck?”

I closed my eyes again and created my intention, more intensely this time. When I opened them again, to my surprise I was like Vin Diesel: big chest, well defined, big arms etc. I said, “damn I look awesome!”

So from there on I think I pretty much lost it (M.R.: no maintaining). But it was great anyway…

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