Thus far, indirect techniques used for lucid dreaming entrance and techniques for separation in lucid dreaming have been covered. Conscious awakening and the best times to practice it have also been examined. Now, a specific algorithm of action for indirect techniques will be presented. Following this algorithm promises quick and practical results.

It ought to be clearly understood that the more natural and sound sleep preceding an attempt is, the better the effect from awakening and the higher the odds of success. What is needed is to fall soundly asleep and sleep sound thereafter, after which a sound awakening can be put to good use. Cycles of indirect techniques can occasionally be successfully used during fitful sleep, but in most cases this is a pure waste of time and energy. When sleeping poorly, it’s better to do no techniques at all and await sound sleep, as opposed to spending all your time trying to snatch lucid dreaming from the jaws of a wearisome and hardly salvageable situation.

Algorithm of Action upon Awakening:

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