Vision is often available at the very beginning of a lucid dream, especially when the practitioner uses image observation and visualization techniques to enter. Sometimes vision appears within the first few seconds. Other times, it manifests during the deepening process. However, there are cases where vision is not available and must be created quickly, at any cost. Vision may arrive as soon as it is thought about, but if this does not occur, a special technique is necessary.

To create vision, a practitioner needs to bring the hands four to six inches in front of the eyes and try to detect them through the grayness or darkness. Peering aggressively and attentively at the minute details of the palms will cause them to become visible, much like if they were being developed on Polaroid film. After several seconds, vision will become clear, and along with the palms, the surroundings will also become visible.

Under no circumstances should the physical eyelids be opened. Vision will appear on its own and will not differ from that of reality; meanwhile, the physical sensation of opened eyes will emerge. It is possible to shut the eyes in lucid dreaming an infinite number of times, even without having opened them at all, since the latter is not needed for creating vision. However, the eyelids may only be opened while experiencing a very deep lucid dreaming, as opening the eyes will cause a return to wakefulness during a shallow lucid dreaming.

The practitioner must also keep in mind that vision should only be created after a complete separation from the body and a subsequent translocation has been achieved. Attempting to view the hands during flight or while hovering in an unidentified space leads to arbitrary translocation.

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