Creating Educational Materials


Educational materials are any products that can teach people out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming without the personal participation of the instructor. Actually, this refers to any form of instruction where the instructor and student are not in personal contact, and may include:

– brief, printed instructions

– short instructional videos on DVD

– brief instructions in electronic text format

– brief instructional videos in electronic format

– books

– electronic books

– audio-books on CD

– electronic audio-books

– electronic mailings

– video-seminars on DVD

– electronic video-seminars

– audio-seminars on CD

– electronic audio-seminars

– software

– games

– electronic applications

– short films on DVD

– short films in electronic format

– feature-length films on DVD

– feature-length films in electronic format

– others

The School of Out-of-Body Travel and OOBE Research Center have produced significant amounts of such materials. You might resell them at seminars or over the Internet. What we’ll be talking about, however, is how to create and distribute your own products. This will allow you to be their sole distributor, make more money on them, and become more of an authority in this field, which will sooner or later yield dividends in your other educational activities. Anyone who seriously wants to enter the field will have to deal with this issue sooner or later.

You can use both your personal knowledge and any information from the School of Out-of-Body Travel or the OOBE Research Center (the book out-of-body experience is the primary text) to create your products. All of our information is free-of-charge and freely available. Meanwhile, this information is packaged in practically every known format, and might serve as an approximate example of how your products might look. However, you need express the information you use in your own words, instead of just copying it. You need to develop some strength or "specialty" of your own. Meanwhile, if your goal is to make as much money as possible, it also doesn’t make sense to do what we did and give out all of your information right away and in great detail. For example, the free (!) book out-of-body experience would alone contain enough information to create an entire series of books and educational materials in volumes divided by subject matter and level. In the long run, you could sell a whole assortment of products instead of selling just one book.

In order to create products on physical media, you’ll need to use the services of special publishing companies that can print books, brochures, CDs, and DVDs in small batches. If your products are good enough, the rights to them might be bought up by real publishing houses who would then not only print your work, but also promote and distribute it. To get the ball rolling, you would need to send your work to those companies for review.

You can distribute your educational materials over the Internet by creating online stores, as well as sell them in person at educational events. Meanwhile, you can also have third-party intermediaries or stores carry and promote your products. A properly-configured product distribution system should bring in enough revenue to allow you to hire people to handle both printing and shipping the product.

You might find yourself asking, "What’s the point of doing all this if it’s already out there, and you can get it for free?" There’s no point in troubling yourself with such doubts, since this field remains quite poorly developed in our society. The masses have no idea that they can download a free book somewhere to find out everything about the subject. If you turn up on their path before others, they’ll come to you. That’s exactly why this book was created – so that the practice of phase states becomes widespread and normal in society thanks to the motivation provided by people like you.

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