Corpse Syndrome

This is the most undesirable of all possible scenarios, and one should use all available means to try to avoid it. A practitioner inadvertently coming across a deceased person in this form may simply never want to repeat the experience again. However, such incidents are caused exclusively by incorrect implementation of techniques.

Corpse syndrome in a deceased person in the astral plane means exactly what the name implies. After performing the technique for achieving contact, the practitioner finds himself face-to-face with a corpse. This experience is most terrible if the subject died in an accident from serious injuries.

Corpse syndrome can be classified into two main types. The first one, ordinary corpse syndrome, includes when a person is in an immobilized state, perhaps in a coffin. The second one, living corpse syndrome, includes when the subject appears to be dead (postmortem lividity, a cold body, no pulse, no breathing, or even autopsy stitches), but can nonetheless move about normally and communicate.

Immediately upon performing the technique for achieving contact and realizing that just such a situation has occurred, the practitioner is advised to exit the situation immediately, as it could have very unfortunate consequences. However, it should not be assumed that all further attempts to interact with the deceased in the astral plane will bring the same result. Such apprehension may be dispelled by achieving contact once again, even right away, without first returning to reality.

If the practitioner nevertheless decides to continue interacting with a subject who appears as a corpse, then he must do so as carefully as possible, trying not to focus his attention on the subject’s condition.

It should be noted that all of these reservations mainly relate to meetings with deceased relatives. Some practitioners are known to deliberately seek out corpses there, just out of curiosity. There’s no point in speculating as to whether or not this is right. Either way, such a possibility exits and may be useful for those struggling with a fear of the dead.

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