Corporate Groups


Many companies (and especially medium-sized and large ones) have well-developed systems of corporate training and corporate recreation (i.e. team-building) that include various kinds of events for employees that improve interaction and internal cohesion, overall morale, and satisfaction with life. Such events usually include motivational seminars, games involving physical activities, treks into nature, and trips to health resorts. Even though companies usually have workforce productivity in mind when planning such events, they are sometimes conceived as a form of relaxation and entertainment for personnel, which will also eventually improve employee output.

The point is that an out-of-body travel-state seminar instructor or organizer may confidently propose his services to such companies and hold corporate training sessions on out-of-body experiences and lucid dreaming. In this case, the lesson format may hardly differ from that of your regular seminars, and vary just as much, taking forms ranging from one-time lectures to webinars.

Working with companies solves a whole number of issues at once. First, instead of having to find a large number of students for the lessons, you only have to find a single partner, and he will put together the group on his own. Second, this might be a source of repeat business if it’s a large company with forward-looking management. Third, such work does not involve financial risk, as the instructor will receive a flat fee. It might even be highly profitable.

Drawbacks worth mentioning include the not-insignificant fact that corporate groups are not primarily composed of the main target audience, and so the students might be preoccupied or not take things seriously, as well as exhibit a low success rate. However, these problems can be overcome if the instructor conducts the lessons properly and pays special attention to key points.

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