An experienced practitioner will translocate within lucid dreaming and find objects in it upon first attempt when using any technique, or just pure willpower without using techniques at all. It’s not hard at all for him to lift a house or a mountain with one finger, as his mind no longer harbors the biases and patterns of the everyday world. He can take on any bodily form and conjure any sensation, including those alien to human existence or human knowledge. In other words, if there is something a practitioner can’t do in lucid dreaming, that means he hasn’t reached a high level of control over it, and has something to work on.

The things he has to work on are quite clear: intention, self-assurance, and desire. Those are the very factors that determine every facet of controlling lucid dreaming. If something doesn’t work out, then mistakes are to be sought not in one’s technique, but in how it is performed internally, inside one’s subconscious mind – which will never grow accustomed to the fact that the limitations of the physical world no longer always apply.

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