Contact with Living Objects

Two problems may surface while conversing with animate objects in lucid dreaming: silence or a return to the body. In view of the fact that many lucid dreaming applications are based on contact with people for one purpose or another, it is necessary to understand how to correctly manage contact with living objects.

In order to avoid a foul (ejection from lucid dreaming into reality), the elementary rules of “maintaining” must be observed. For example, actively observe the facial features or clothing of a person you want to communicate with. While communicating, the practitioner should constantly rub the hands together or maintain strong vibrations by straining the brain. Remember to perform the techniques to avoid becoming absorbed in communication.

A more complex problem is overcoming the communicative unresponsiveness of objects in lucid dreaming. In many cases, the speech of an object is blocked by the internal stress of the practitioner. Sometimes the problem stems from an expectation that an object will not be able to communicate in lucid dreaming.

It is important to treat the objects in a calm manner. There is no use trying to shout or beat the object to force communication. On the contrary, it is much more effective to treat the object gently, without applying pressure. Do not peer at an object’s mouth expecting sounds to emerge. It is better to look elsewhere; taking a passive interest in communication generally yields the best results.

As a rule, after the first time that communication with a living object is successful, future attempts go unhindered.

Communication methods in lucid dreaming should be no different than those used in ordinary life: talking, facial expressions, gesturing with the hands, body language. Telepathy may be used too.

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