Constant Sensory Amplification

The same sensory amplification described in the chapter on deepening (Chapter 6) also applies to “maintaining”. In essence, having achieved the necessary depth of lucid dreaming, one should not stop to actively agitate his or her perception, but should keep on doing this all the while, albeit not as actively as during deepening.

The idea is that during the entire duration of lucid dreaming, all action should be focused on experiencing the maximum possible amount of tactile-kinesthetic and visual perceptions. This entails constantly touching and examining everything in minute detail. For example, if passing by a bookcase, touch and examine some of the books in it, including their pages and corners. Tactile observation should be performed on every encountered object.

Palpation may be applied separately as a background sensation. This is done in order not to overload the sense of sight. The hands should be touching something all the time, or better still, rubbing each other.

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