Complete Inadequacy

In some cases, the behavior of the deceased in the astral plane may resemble that of a deranged person, exhibiting the most diverse manifestations of neuroticism, ranging from inability to comprehend the situation to inarticulate speech. The subject may also be fairly aggressive.

It’s worth noting once again that, especially in the early stages of one’s practice, the behavior of the deceased in the astral plane can greatly depend on how they passed away. It also depends on how specifically involved the practitioner was with all of the events involved in the process (funerals, for example). Therefore, if the deceased displayed some symptoms of delirium before passing on, this could very easily be reflected in the astral plane space.

If that happens, it is naturally unlikely that the situation could be resolved in a positive manner by trying to restore the subject’s inadequate behavior to normalcy. The techniques for re-achieving contact should be immediately employed. Afterwards, the strange behavior is unlikely to reoccur.

Case Studies

October 2006

Don’t watch the morning news and eat at the same time. I vomited all today’s breakfast into the toilet after watching the news report that someone I knew, far from a passing acquaintance, had been brutally killed that night. He had he tried to call me a couple of weeks before, but I hadn’t been in the mood to accompany him on another one of his drinking bouts. For my own peace of mind, I decided to somehow try to make amends.

I lay down. With great difficulty, I calmed down and began to focus my attention on phantom wiggling with my arm. No wiggling occurred at first, but once it came, it started quickly increasing in amplitude. A short lapse in consciousness occurred after about 10 minutes, and I was able to easily get up out of bed.

I didn’t need to deepen. After closing my eyes, I immediately focused my attention on the image of my friend. Then, something picked me up and moved me in an unknown direction. After several seconds, I was literally thrown into the kitchen of his apartment. As usual, he sat in a chair at a table cluttered with cognac. He didn’t pay any attention to me. He didn’t look good, with many bruises and cuts on his face and arms. Although there was almost no blood, it was all awful to look at due to the hyper-realism, and I began to feel nauseated again. When I came closer, he turned to me and sobbed… I tried to ask him what had happened, because they didn’t say exactly what had occurred on the news. It turned out that his lifestyle lay at the cause of it all. He started shouting that he wanted to live, and that he would no longer act like that if he could only live again. I apologized for not having picked up the phone. I looked at him for the last time. And, acting against my beliefs, I returned to my body.

By evening, his explanation of what had happened was confirmed. As for his behavior and external appearance, they were understandably triggered by my still raw emotions. I think that if I meet him in several months, he’ll look and act differently.

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