Types of Clubs

There are thousands of personal-development groups and clubs out there that have already been formed and are ready to be taught. Here you need only gain access to the leadership of such clubs, get them interested, and offer your services. Existing clubs will usually come in the following forms:

– study groups

– groups based on a common interest

– databases of contact information from various festivals and seminars

– databases of contact information from service providers or those selling products

– lists of e-mail addresses

– a list of online social-network group and community members

What brings these people together? It could be anything related to personal development, from positive thinking to esoterica. For example, it might be yoga courses, specialized websites that send out mailings on how to "find yourself", sorcery & ESP workshops, alternative medicine festivals, etc. Basically, these are all fields that go hand-in-hand with out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming. It is easy to get the leadership of such groups or the owners of such contact-information databases to work with you if you motivate them with a nice bit of money or a percentage of the profits. They are often satisfied with free admission to your seminars in lieu of payment.

As soon as you’ve reached a deal, you’ll either be presented with a database of potential pupils for your own use, or a group of pupils put together for you by a club that you’ve found common ground with. The lessons may take on any form or be of any duration.

This method for finding an audience requires no financial investment as long as you don’t take out paid announcements regarding your search for club leaders interested in working together or buy a database of contact information. You need only invest your time and energy.

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