I woke and started to apply the indirect techniques after an attempt to separate. Nothing happened…

I remembered to keep doing cycles, and once I reached the fourth cycle and was really struggling to not fall asleep, I noticed that I was hearing a beeping noise, and so I started listening in. I don’t really remember, but I think I tried to separate in my bedroom at that point. I teleported and suddenly found myself standing in a shopping mall.

I sort of knew it was a dream, but my mind couldn’t accept it, and so I was both aware and unaware at the same time. But then my “aware half” decided to touch the ground and everything I saw around. The dream was now perfectly clear.

I tried to summon a person.I thought, "around that corner I will meet my friend Johanna." Once I walked past it, I saw her! She had on different clothes than usual, but her face looked all the same. I talked to her while simply admiring the vivid world and projections of people I know. She then gazed at me for several seconds and kissed me! I was shocked, because I don’t have feelings for her. However, here I lost lucidity (M.R.: no maintaining)…

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