Chemical Substances

Since the beginning, the history of advances in lucid dreaming entrance methodologies has included a direct link to the use of consumable supplements, starting with plants and mushrooms in ancient times. The use of specialized herbs, mushrooms, and cacti is still practiced in isolated cultures: Siberian shamans and North American Indians, for example. Amid the hunger for altered states of awareness, these chemical supplements have reached every corner of the developed world. However, the proliferation of these substances has caused a marked degradation in the progress of modern lucid dreaming practice.

The names and descriptions of these various chemical concoctions, herbs and plants included, are not worthy of inclusion in this text. They are officially considered illegal in some countries while still available in the pharmacies of others; nevertheless, they are all dangerous.

There are two primary problems with using such supplements. First, practicing lucid dreaming through the consumption of chemical substances and various herbal supplements is not a path to development, but to ruin. Drug abuse and personal development are polar opposites, in no way compatible. Cheap thrills are consistently followed by chemical dependencies and health problems.

Second, although a user may experience lucid dreaming sensations under the influence of such substances, the quality of experience is completely different. It is not only the stability or depth of lucid dreaming that are affected by these supplements, but also a user’s consciousness and awareness. The use of substances and the resultant alteration of mental processes negatively impact self-awareness. lucid dreaming must be accompanied by two things: out-of-body sensations and a complete, conscious awareness. If one of these is missing, then the state experienced, by definition, is not lucid dreaming. When descriptions of these chemically “enhanced” experiences are studied, the hallmark of every one is a complete lack of control.

Using any type of chemical or herbal substance to reach lucid dreaming must be ruled out. Summarily, these make it impossible to experience lucid dreaming and ultimately destroy physical and mental health.

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