Bringing in a Wider Audience

To get the most from teaching out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming, you’ll need to try to differentiate your teaching formats as much as possible. This allows you to bring in more attendees, which means better financial results. While holding seminars, you shouldn’t forget about one-on-one lessons, creating your own teaching materials, and distance learning.

Moreover, it makes no sense at all to stick to your hometown, especially if there are not that many people in it. Expand your horizons as much as possible. Be sure to include nearby cities and towns within your geographical reach. Consider each of your country’s metropolitan areas with more than a million people as a potential market. Other countries are not only potential retreat seminar venues: you can also work with people and organizations abroad who are interested in holding seminars in their towns.

To get the most out of teaching out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming, you might introduce a stage-based system. For example, large one-time lectures for novices can be considered stage one. Three-day seminars meant for obtaining initial and intermediate-level experiences can be stage two. Meanwhile, a third stage may be created for more advanced practitioners that features a more sophisticated version of the three-day seminar, immersion sessions, and regular lessons.

A good piece of advice for expanding your audience is to keep good statistics on how people found out about your services. Whenever you get a new student, ask him how, where, and from whom he found out about you. Write down his answer so that you can later tally the results and determine the most effective source of referrals and invest more effort in it. Keeping such statistics might also reveal that some sources of referrals are coming up short: they ought to be bringing results, but for some reason are not.

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