Last night I had what seemed like a very long lucid dreaming experience. I went to bed at 1:00 am and as I was falling asleep I started to notice some visuals, and eventually found myself in a room that was dark and dull. It seems my experiences from falling straight asleep always seem to be this way. In addition, it felt very unstable and I felt some invisible force pulling me around like it was trying to get hold of me.

Since I haven’t had luck using sensory amplification to enhance my visuals in previous direct experiences, I decided to try something slightly different. I sat in my normal meditation position and took some deep breaths. As I first sat down, the “force” was strong and I kept moving around, like on a ship in a storm, but after a few deep breaths the force weakened and my visuals enhanced. I flew out the window and shortly thereafter awoke again in darkness.

I realized it was a false awakening, and remember feeling uncomfortable again and so I started to sing my favorite Bob Marley song. I remember a man in a suit who was “coming after me” as if I didn’t belong there and was trying to take me away. I tried to make him disappear, but it didn’t work, and so I went for him. He then deflated like a balloon and fell to the floor.

I was in what seemed like a club, and I asked one woman “what is the truth about this reality?” She replied, “It’s all statistics.” I found this confusing, and so walked around a little trying to decide what to do (M.R.: no plan of action). I remembered a website someone posted on a while ago with some “tests”, one of which was to draw the infinity sign on a door then walk through it. I found a door and scratched the “omega” sign on it and walked through. It was just another room in the club, with a bar, and two men. One of them seemed very busy (I assumed he was the manager) and the other was sitting and drinking. The manager walked past me and I asked him to tell me something wise. He said, “bad socks”!

I spoke to the other man briefly but can’t really remember the conversation. I went out of the room and sat with some people. I picked up a tissue and transformed it into a cheesecake, it tasted so delicious, so good in fact in made me want to have sex, and so jumped on a nearby lady, as we began we started to fly through the air, I remember flying through trees and could feel the leaves caressing my skin as we flew. At the point of climax I awoke again, in darkness.

I was still in lucid dreaming, this time in some sort of factory, with a huge green machine, I’m not sure what its purpose was. lucid dreaming characters told me that it required a special cog to work; I think they called it a trigadore (?)cog. After this, I remember a friend of mine coming into the room, upset, and I gave him some advice. I told him that sometimes you have to forgive yourself and not be too hard on yourself. This seemed to cheer him up.

Again I was shifted into darkness, almost hoping I was awake this time – but no, I was still in lucid dreaming. I decided to attempt to wake myself up (I thought it might not work, but I tried anyway), and just ended up feeling a sensation of movement and re-appearing in darkness. I found myself back in the club where I was previously, at this point I was starting to get concerned as it had felt like I had been in lucid dreaming for too long. I walked around the bar and asked a woman, “If I was lucid for the whole night, how long would it feel like?” I then realized it was a foolish question, as time in lucid dreaming cannot really be established. I re-phrased the question, asking when I might wake up, and she said “sometime today”. Shortly after this, I awoke for real.

This lucid dreaming felt like it went on for ages, and more happened that I haven’t written here or have forgotten. When I eventually woke for real, I looked at the time: 1:43 am. I had only slept for about 40 minutes but it felt like much longer. I tried my hardest to remember as much as I could, I wanted to write it down then, but I didn’t want to wake my girlfriend, and so I decided against it.

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