So I woke up at 6:30 this morning, did a few things, and went back to bed. I didn’t do any techniques as such, but it took me so long to get back to sleep that I felt myself enter sleep paralysis, and so as soon as I felt the moment was right I got up and fell off the end of my bed (seems to be becoming my standard exit procedure these days). After some deepening I walked out my room and saw my reflection in a mirror: I was wearing a hat, which was confirmation for me that I was now in lucid dreaming, as I haven’t worn a hat in years.

So I wanted to repeat my previous test in a slightly different manner. I got my sister to write down a 3 digit number and put it in her room to see if I could read it in the OBE state. I walked in her room and her boyfriend was asleep, I called out his name a few times and tried to convince him it was a lucid dream but he seemed sleepy and didn’t respond. The results from looking at the number were inconclusive, as I perhaps hadn’t deepened enough and it wasn’t very stable. Anyway, after also telling my sister that this was a lucid dream and they could both do what they wanted, I dived through the floor to relocate.

I ended up in an old library and tried some deepening, and the normal method of touching everything worked. There was also a CD on the floor, I wanted to use more senses than touch to deepen further, and so I licked the CD. At first it didn’t taste of anything, but after a few licks it kind of tasted how I suppose a CD would. This did seem to make my surroundings more realistic.

Last night before bed, I was reading a highly interesting website on the Illuminati, actually made by some members. I figured I would try to find out more about them in lucid dreaming, and so I called out, “Illuminati”. Before I finished the word, 3 chairs moved by themselves into a small row and a voice said, “take a seat”, and so I did. The walls of the library opened up into a stage and many robed figures began to put on a show and sing (nothing like I was expecting!). Shortly after it began, I thought to myself, “if I just sit here and watch I will probably wake up soon”, and lo and behold after thinking that I pretty much woke up straight away (M.R.: no re-entering).

Perhaps just having the thought of waking up made me lose lucid dreaming quicker?

Also, I’ve noticed that if I have an idea of what I’m going to do in lucid dreaming, it generally comes with some expectations of what will occur when I try it. Not on one occasion has trying an idea out ever met my expectations (I’m not saying it has been better or worse, but just completely different to what i would expect). In lucid dreaming I would expect happenings to occur based on expectations, but clearly this isn’t quite the case.

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