Antwerp, Belgium

I entered lucid dreaming this morning. More or less like the previous times, only this time I rolled deliberately over to the other side of the bed. I came down on the floor, which became visible when I opened my eyes.

I touched the sheets. Everything turned very real and I thought to myself, “where am I” because I was so overwhelmed by the vividness.

The light was dim and I asked for more light but it didn’t change. The room was a combination of our room now and my room when I was a child.

I pinched my nose and blocked my airways but I could breathe normal. I stood up and went to the door (M.R.: no plan of action). I opened it. It was dark outside. Then I saw that there was a drawing on the outside of the door. It was a little figure and when I looked more closely it began to move his head.

I wanted to touch it, but I felt paralyzed. My arms felt very heavy. Once I had almost touched it, I woke up (M.R.: no re-entering).

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