Antwerp, Belgium

This morning I had a difficult lucid dreaming entrance. Without feeling much – nearly no vibrations – I tumbled out of bed. It was very dark and my consciousness was unstable. I made several weird movements, still half unconscious. After a few moments I ended up sitting against the bed (M.R.: no deepening). It was still dark, but consciousness was better and I spoke to myself, saying something about the envelope.

I crawled on my hands and knees to the other side of the bed where my bedside table was. Everything looked realistic and the envelope was in its place. I picked it up and felt that there was something small and thick in it. I ripped it open and in it was a shiny packaging of a cookie or something like that.

I opened it and found that it was a chocolate. I bit into it and it was delicious. It had coconut in it.

As I was chewing on the chocolate, I closed my eyes for a moment to concentrate on its taste. The taste remained the same and there was of course my smacking, but I felt pressure in my head, which was building up. I opened my eyes again and the pressure disappeared.

I now came across a little dilemma. Should I eat the whole chocolate, or should I start my mission of translocation? I decided to do the latter and threw the chocolate away.

I stood up and started running with eyes closed. The running didn’t feel natural but I was moving anyway. I felt no walls, no resistance of any kind.

Because of the closed eyes, I again felt a foul coming so I opened my eyes – but everything remained very dark and I was afraid of losing it.

Normally, my experience would have ended there.
Instead of giving up, I kept running and opened my eyes as wide as I could.

This apparently helped, because suddenly a light appeared at the end of some tunnel (no NDE tunnel). When I came out of the tunnel I was filled with joy!

I saw a blue ocean with big waves striking against the rocks. I was on a road hugging a beautiful rocky coastline. The sight was magnificent.

I was on a bus or something – I saw trucks on the road that had problems because of the big waves. Shortly after this I woke up (M.R.: no maintaining).


When I was running in order to translocate, I didn’t think of a particular location. A few days ago I fantasized about where I would translocate. In my fantasy, I would end up in a 17th century sailing ship on the blue ocean.

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