Best Time for Becoming Consciousness while Dreaming

As with other lucid dreaming entrance methods, the best time for becoming consciousness while dreaming occurs when using the deferred method. That is, it’s necessary to sleep for 5 to 7 hours, then wake up and perform physical activities for 3 to 50 minutes in order to consolidate the effect of the awakening, and finally go back to sleep with the intention of becoming consciousness during dream episodes to follow. The longer the interlude before going back to sleep, the higher the odds of success. There are some practitioners who are able to fall back asleep after a long interruption. Meanwhile, others are unable to fall asleep after only several minutes of being awake, and so they should make the break as brief as possible.

Consciousness while dreaming also arises easily during a daytime nap. It can also occur in the middle of the night, but for physiological reasons such experiences tend to be brief and are usually marginally lucid.

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