Best of the Mixed Techniques

Swimmer technique

lucid dreamingr tries to imagine the process of swimming in as much detail as possible, trying to feel all of the physical sensations of the process and even feel the water surrounding his body. Any swimming style may be used. (Best technique of 2010 and 2011 at School of Out-of-Body Travel seminars)

Rope technique

lucid dreamingr imagines that a rope is dangling above him, and that he is climbing up it. Meanwhile, one should try to feel one’s own arm movements, the touch of the rope, and the sensation of height. Visualization of the process may occasionally be added in.

Technique of visualizing the hands

lucid dreamingr tries to feel that he is rubbing his hands together, as if trying to warm them. Meanwhile, it’s important to try to feel the movement of your hands, the feeling of them coming into contact, the sound of rubbing, and also try to see the whole process in front of you. The imagined hands should be rubbed at a distance of no more than 6 inches from your eyes.

Sensory-motor visualization technique

lucid dreamingr should try to imagine as fixedly and actively as possible that he has already separated from his body and is employing a technique for deepening lucid dreaming, including the intensification of every sensation possible. He should imagine that he is walking inside a room, scrutinizing everything from a close distance, touching something, and so on. That is, he should immediately deepen lucid dreaming without using techniques to create the state or separate.

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