Behaving as if Still Alive

A person encountered in the astral plane who is already deceased may have all of the external traits and ways of behaving that the practitioner grew accustomed to while the subject was still among the living. This includes everything from how the subject dressed to his conversational style. Such a person may behave as if he were still alive up through the present moment, and as if the practitioner had simply run into him on the street in everyday life. That is, he might not notice or realize the situation, as his breathing and heartbeat will be that of a living person.

More often than not, in this situation the subject will not possess any special knowledge or ability to control the astral plane space, and all his actions will be no different from those of his in the physical world, and governed by its laws – those laws of nature and physics that do not apply in the astral plane.

Faced with the subject acting as if he were still alive, the practitioner may still be quite satisfied with the encounter. Alternatively, the practitioner may wish that the subject were fully aware of the situation. The fact is, if the subject were aware of his situation, this could have a serious affect on his attitude towards everything going on around him, creating unnecessary problems, and unnecessary anxiety for him. If for any reason such behavior is not to the practitioner’s liking, he could once again employ the techniques for achieving contact, placing increased attention on the subject not having the same attitude again towards his surroundings. Likewise, the practitioner could just tell him about his death, but this is fraught with evoking a whole slew of negative forms of behavior.

By and large, the astral plane practitioner can reasonably talk with such psychological types as if the encounter were something occurring during the subject’s lifetime. It is primarily in this case that behavior will be the most appropriate and acceptable for both the practitioner and the subject.

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