Behaving as if Deceased

This type of behavior cannot be described in precise detail, but it inherently includes the subject understanding that he was once alive, but no longer is. Moreover, the subject’s physical features and abilities may not correspond to those of his in the physical world, as there are no internal limitations in the astral plane.

This is the most frequent behavior exhibited by a deceased person to be encountered in the astral plane. Perhaps it is the most desirable type of behavior, as it creates the most true-to-life situation. In fact, the most complete communication occurs when the subject exhibits this type of behavior, as it is a true continuation of the communication that once occurred in the physical world. That is, there is no interruption to the logical flow of communication, nor any resulting silence on certain issues. One approaching the situation from the perspective of life after death should always strive to achieve exactly this type of behavior in the subject.

How does one interact with a deceased person in an astral projection who realizes that he is dead? There’s no need to spend too much time on this question. It is better to act in accordance with the context of the situation, trying not to offend or bring up anything painful that could evoke negative emotions. One ought talk about everything as it actually is.

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