Becoming Conscious while Dreaming

For the experienced practitioner, becoming conscious while dreaming requires the least effort and attention of all. He essentially only does two things in order to guarantee dream consciousness during the middle of the night, or better yet – with the deferred method. First, he creates an interesting plan of action that will lure him into a dream. Next, while falling asleep, he simply desires to experience dream consciousness, but without dwelling on it too much or being obsessive about it. That’s all! The practitioner would be quite surprised if nothing worked at all.

Once again, everything depends on correctly forming an intention. An experienced practitioner forms an intention in a fundamentally different way than a novice. A novice would think to himself, "I want to become conscious in a dream", while a lucid dreamr would tell himself, "I’ll soon become conscious during my dream", which allows for the programming to make it much deeper into his subconscious mind. Moreover, his prior practice has already trained him for that moment, and there’s nothing else that he needs to do.

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