Best Techniques for Astral Projection

Wonder how to get astral projection tonight? Read 5 easiest ways for achieving lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out-of-body experience. Only best techniques!

Astral Projection Technique #1

Astral Projection Techniques - How to Do It Tonight

Upon awakening, without moving or opening the eyes, immediately try to separate from body. The separation attempt should be carried out without any imagining, but rather with the desire to make a real movement without straining the muscles (rolling out, levitation, standing up, etc.).

If separation does occur, you’ve got astral projection.

If separation does not occur within three to five seconds, immediately try alternating several of the most effective astral projection techniques for three to five seconds each. When one of the techniques works, continue it for a longer period of time:

– Observing images: Try to examine and discern the pictures arising before closed eyes.

– Listening in: Attempt to hear sounds in the head and make these louder by listening in or strengthening the will;

– Rotating: Imagine rotating around the head-to-foot axis;

– Phantom wiggling: Try to move a part of the body without straining the muscles, and try to increase the range of movement;

– Straining the brain: Try straining the brain, which will lead to vibrations that may also be intensified by straining the brain.

As soon as one astral projection technique clearly starts to work, continue with it as long as progress is apparent, and then try to separate. If separation fails, return to the technique that was working.

Do not give up alternating through techniques until one minute has elapsed, but do not continue for more than two minutes. Separation from the body may be attempted periodically, especially if interesting sensations occur.

Technique #2

Technique #3

The practice of this astral projection technique is to imagine the sensation that something is resting in the hand, desirably upon awakening without any physical movement. It is best to imagine a cell phone is in the hand because the modern person is quite accustomed to this sensation, although any other object will do. It is necessary to actively and attentively focus on the sensations in the palm of the hand. Most likely, the physical sensation of a phone lying in the hand will quickly arise. The sensation will become increasingly palpable. If a sensation does not arise within 10 seconds, the technique not going to work and it is time to switch to another one.

When the sensation of a phone in the hand occurs, focus every bit of attention on it. It should be noted that this will not be an imagined sensation, but a real one. This should be understood from the very beginning, and results should be expected. Once the sensation is stable, start feeling the mobile phone with the fingers. Physical sensations should be experienced. The physical body, of course, must not move or strain. If this does not work, only focus attention on the sensation of the phone lying in the hand and try to feel the phone with the fingers later. If feeling the phone with the fingers is successful, actively roll the phone around the hand, feeling all of its details.

As soon as it is possible to roll the cell phone around in the hand, separation from the body may be attempted to get full astral projection. In this case it is usually easiest to separate by rolling out or standing up. Continue to hold the phone and roll it around, which will maintain the emerging phase state. Separation in this case should be more like actually getting up physically or rolling out of bed, rather than actually separating one thing from something else. That is, do this in the same way as physically getting out of bed, starting from the sensation of the phone in the hand.

If separation is unsuccessful, continue to attentively feel the phone in the hand for a little while longer and try to separate again. If separation happens, the next step is to take actions that are typical for a astral projection: deepening, and then accomplishing predetermined tasks while performing ”maintaining” techniques. If only a partial separation occurs, then separation by force should be attempted.

Generally, the real sensation of a phone in the hand arises with every second attempt. Furthermore, achieving success only requires experience and some dexterity since feeling the sensation of a phone in the hand signifies that the required state has been reached and subsequent actions may be attempted.

Technique #4

A detailed article about the most efficient and reliable method for astral projection

Technique #5

(astral projection = lucid dreaming = out-of-body experience = the phase)

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