Artem Arakcheev

Moscow, Russia

I did indirect techniques. While peering at images, I caught sight of the same dream episode that I had been watching until I first woke up. The picture was very realistic. It seemed to me that I could change everything in this dream. I tried to get out of my body, and immediately flew through my head right into that dream. I landed at the door of the home that I grew up in. I then found myself at a window on the second floor.

Having remembered about the deepening techniques, I quickly began to scrutinize the window itself. My attention then shifted, and I peered out through the window. Everything was in its place, like in real life. Some man approached the door. I don’t know why, but I was sure that I needed to watch what he was up to. I instinctively took off from the second floor window, going right through the glass. I lowered to the level of the ground floor. The man walked in through the front door. I followed him, flew in through the door, and began to pursue him.

I then remembered that I had a plan for lucid dreaming. At precisely that moment, lucid dreaming space began to fade and disappear. I realized that I should apply the maintaining techniques, but did not manage to do so in time. Within a moment, I woke up to myself lying in bed. My body temperature went up. My breathing and heartbeat became more frequent. A second attempt to separate was of no use.

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