Arlindo Batista

London, UK

This is my very first OOBE in which I could seemingly see the physical world as it is. I saw myself and my partner lying in bed and everything was crystal clear. I had the sensation of being catapulted out of my body as I heard a noise like a stone knocking the inside of a bucket. I watched my white ceiling approaching me very quickly, and just as I thought I was going to crash into it, I slowed down right up against it. I never actually remained in one location. I moved constantly. The movement was gradual, as though I were moving in frames of space – if this makes any sense to the reader. Then I could see everything in my bedroom. I was near the ceiling, and a feeling of excitement caused me to bounce all over the place at amazing speed, without actually touching any objects.

I wished to inspect my body closely, and instantly I found myself next to it as if by teleportation (M.R.: no plan of action). It was very weird. Initially I had felt like I were just a “floating head”, but upon seeing my physical body, I started to look around for my new body. Suddenly, a transparent version of my hands and arms could be seen. Inside my new limbs, I could see moving patterns and could make out something like transparent veins and what looked like a fluid running through them. However, this was unlike what I have seen thoroughly illustrated in human anatomy books.

I then flew out of my bedroom window, and saw the landscape outside in the early hours of the morning. I was hovering 15 feet above the ground and as I moved I saw a little girl in my neighbor’s window looking at me. I flew towards her, a bit confused because she could see me, and I asked her, “can you see me?” It seemed like I had projected this to her as a thought form. She shook her head in denial, which contradicted the fact that she had responded. She seemed terrified, so I hovered away and back to my room. When I woke up (M.R.: no re-entering), I thought to myself, "Was it an intense lucid dream? Was it very accurate about the reality I know?"

After all, I knew my neighbors and had never seen that little girl (she seemed to be about 5 years old) before. Then, in the following days, I noticed that my neighbor’s daughters had friends around and they seemed to stay over. On one particular day, my partner sent me to the fish-and-chip shop. On the way there I went past our local Baptist church. I saw my neighbor talking to some people outside, and suddenly I saw the little girl! She was real as she came running out of the church with other children. She never saw me as she was having fun running around the adults with her friends. Then I realized that I was probably seeing her for the first time with my physical eyes. But how could I have a visual memory of her?

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